GPR EXHAUST SYSTEMS Decat System HPS 300 18-19 Серый

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Compatible models:

FB Mondial Hps 300 2018/19 2018-2019.

GPR Exhaust System F.B.

Mondial Hps 300 2018/19 Decat pipe manifold Decatalizzatore.

For installation, no structural modifications to the motorcycle are required for use of the product in an approved version.

It is recommended to read the instructions in the package or the tutorials.

The exhaust has a removable dbkiller (noise restrictor) for racing use, remove the dbkiller is not ONLY illegal, but the customer assumes the responsibility to use the motorbike as on the circuits only, without bags, without flash light and number plate holder or other parts that would conflict with the different angle of the gas following the transformation into the racing version.

Abuse of this situation on the road will result in the loss of the product warranty and any refund request will be rejected.

The warranty is two years from the purchase, with right of reparation with devolution to GPR factory or nearest official distributor at client expenses.

GPR cannot provide a new silencer instead of the one to repair, the client has to accept to remount the original exhaust or wait the standard time for the reparation.

Manifold de-cat, made of 304 satin stainless steel with visible TIG welding, it also matches the original silencer.

When the original catalyst is located in the collector it is eliminated with the installation of the GPR manifold.


Catalyst Elimination:The GPR manifold eliminates the original catalyst.

Original GPR product, developed thanks to a long experience in World Motorbikes Championship, propose an innovative design, performance increase, relevant weight saving and a motorbike sound tone improvement.

Made in Italy,2 years of international guarantee.

RACING PRODUCT:This item is sold only for RACING use in circuits! The use on the road in the open version does not comply with the regulations governing circulation on the public road network.

NO DBKILLER:being a racing product, neither dbkillers for noise nor catalysts are supplied, this is a 100% sporty item.

The use of racing items may require in some cases the remapping of the ECU, especially in the presence of further modifications such as the installation of a sports filter.

Mounting recommendations :GPR products are plug and play, it is recommended to install the products in a professional workshop, no complaints will be accepted in case of DIY installations.


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