HASHIRU Mirror Base Universal Indicator Led Pair Черный

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These small LED aluminium turn signals can easily be positioned between handlebars and their mount. More subtlety is hardly possible – and suitable for almost all motorcycles with a handlebar mirror. Features: - Lightweight aluminium - Anodized for a lasting durability - Very small LED insert - You simply put the thread of the handlebar mirror through the support strut of the turn signal and then screw the whole thing onto the mount of the mirror - This is possible with almost all models with an M10 or an M8 mirror thread – the thread only has to be long enough so that you can bolt the 4 mm of the turn indicator securely in place - The positioning of the turn signal compared to the mirror arm can be either done outwards or inwards, or upwards or downwards, if necessary – depending on how the other components on the vehicle allow this - If the casing is pointing downwards, you should turn the LED insert inside it (possible through grub screw clamping – writing on the glass must not be upside down) - It can, of course, also be fastened in many other places with appropriate screwing points (e.g., radiator cover, for the rear: passenger grab handle, luggage carrier, etc.) - 5 luminous diodes - 12 V, 1 watt Specifications: - Width x Height x Depth without support arm: 28 x 15 x 16,5 mm - Width x Height glass: 22 x 9 mm - Interior-Ø Screw connection hole: 10 mm - Width x Height x Depth Support arm: 19 x 4 x 19 mm - Distance centre screw point to casing: 5 mm - Cable length: 37 cm - Weight: 16 g each


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