PUIG V-Tech Line Touring Windshield Kymco AK550 Серый

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Antonio Puig




Технические характеристики

Antonio Puig


compatible models:

kymco ak550 2017/2019.


give your motorbike extra protection with the v-tech line touring windshield from puig.

manufactured in 4mm high impact acrylic, it has been carefully designed, developed and tested in the wind tunnel to achieve maximum efficiency and strength in the face of inclement weather and gusty wind, guaranteeing a high degree of aerodynamic resistance.

its main feature is the angled shape in its central and lateral section that facilitates air channelling, redirecting it to the lateral areas and minimizing turbulence.

in addition to its functionality, puig has wanted to take care of the image of your motorcycle, so they have designed the piece in 4 different finishes:

black, clear, smoked and dark smoked.

it is easy to assamble and you can have the v-tech line touring windshield in a few minutes.

to facilitate the work, puig offers an instruction booklet with it.

check if the part is homologated by the german kba and if it is already included in the homologation in the documents section.


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