X-LITE X-1005 Ultra Carbon 50th Anniversary N-Com Modular Helmet Черный, M

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P/J Homologation: - The Helmet Can Be Used Either With The Chin Guard Open (J Configuration) Or Closed (P Configuration), As The Protective Chin Guard Has Passed The Homologation Tests Required By Un/Ece Regulations For Full Face Helmets. Dual Action (Patented): - Exclusive Chin Guard Opening System. Positioned In The Centre Of The Chin Guard, It Allows For Easy, One-Handed Opening. The Dual Action Opening Mechanism Reduces The Risk Of Accidental Opening: The Chin Guard Can Be Opened Only Operating The First Release Lever (Or Safety Lock) And Then Activating The Second Lever. -Chin Guard Rotation With Elliptical Trajectory (Patented): - The Chin Guard Rotation Movement With Elliptical Trajectory Makes It Possible To Keep The Total Size Of The Helmet’S Front Section To A Minimum, When The Chin Guard Is Open. The “Sail” Effect Is Consequently Highly Reduced And Riding Comfort Is Still Guaranteed, Even When The Chin Guard Is Lifted. Ultrawide Visor: - The Large Surface Of The S/R (Scratch Resistant) Visor Makes It Possible To Have A Broader View, Also Lateral, Thus Assuring Maximum Riding Comfort And Increasing Active Safety. Pinlock® Fog-Resistant Inner Visor: - With Full Silicone Border (Fsb). The Patented Adjusting System Allows The Stretch Of The Pinlock® Inner Visor Acting From The Exterior Of The Visor, Without The Necessity Of Removing. Vps Sunscreen: - Moulded Out Of Lexan™*, It Is S/R (Scratch Resistant) And F/R (Fog Resistant) Treated And Offers Uv Protection Up To 400 Nanometres. It Can Be Easily Removed For Maintenance And Cleaning And Is Fully-Adjustable. The Drive System (Patented) Allows Automatic Retraction Into The Non-Use Position, Thus Simplifying Emergency Maneuvers Deriving From The Need To Quickly Restore The Maximum Visibility Offered By The Visor. Microlock2 (Patented): - It Is A Patented Double Lever Retention System With Micrometric Adjustment. It Consists Of A Thermoplastic Ergonomic Opening Lever, And Of A Second Aluminium Toothed And Holding Lever. The Toothed Lever Releases The Micrometric Strip, Thus The Chin Strap Can Only Be Open With A Very Broad Rotation Of The Opening Lever. This Device Minimizes The Possibility Of Unintentional Opening. “Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” Comfort Inner Padding With Innovative Net Construction: - The Comfort Inner Padding Is Made With Active Carbon Filaments, A Thermoregulatory, Antistatic And Dissipative Element. The Liner, With An Innovative Net Construction, Aids The Movement Of Air Around The Upper Part Of The Head Which Thus Stays Cool And Dry. Lpc - Liner Positioning Control (Patent Pending): - This System, Patent Pending, Allows For The Regulating Of The Position Of The Liner. This Permits The Positioning Of The Same Sized Helmet To Be Adjusted For Different Heads, Consequently Adapting To Various Requirements And Head Shapes. Single-Piece Cheek Pads: - The Inner Padding In Expanded Foam For The Cheek Pads Has Been Designed In Order To Provide Superior Even Pressure And Consistent Performance Over Time Compared To Traditional Padding. It Can Also Be Removed From Its Fabric Coverings In Order To Make Washing Of The Latter Easier. Eyewear Adaptive: - This System Has Been Designed For The Comfort Of Eyeglass Wearers. In A Quick And Easy Way, It Allows To Obtain A Space In The Cheek Pads For The Glasses Temples. It Is Reversible, So The Cheek Pads Can Be Returned To The Original Configuration. To Further Facilitate The Washing, The Cheek Pads Are Equipped With Expanded Foam Inner Padding Which Can Be Taken Out From The Fabric Covering. Integrated Chin Straps: - Removable And Washable, They Are Integrated In The Cheek Pads, Favouring The Helmet’S Fit As Well As Its Wearability And Soundproofing. Set-Up For N-Com: - The Helmet Is Ready And Approved With The N-Com Communication System Installed. N-Com Compatibility: - B902 X Series - B601 X Series Features: - P/J Homologation - Dual Action Chin Guard Opening System (Patented) - Chin Guard Rotation With Elliptical Trajectory (Patented) - Ultrawide Visor - Pinlock® Fog-Resistant Inner Visor - Adjustable Vps (Vision Protection System) Sunscreen - Vps Automatic Retraction System (Patented) - Microlock2 Retention System (Patented) - “Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” Inner Comfort Padding With Innovative Net Construction - Lpc - Liner Positioning Control (Patent Pending) - Single-Piece Cheek Pads With Removable Padding - Eyewear Adaptive - Chin Straps Integrated In The Cheek Pads - Moulded Lining For The Inner Cheek Pads In Polystyrene - Wind Protector - Breath Deflector - Set-Up For N-Com - Steadyfit Cheek Pads With Increased And Reduced Thicknesses (Available As Spare Parts)


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